Private Clients

Whether you are a company director, sole proprietor, partner, or simply want us to take care of your self-assessment obligations, we pride ourselves in offering an all round service throughout the tax year.

We begin by sending you an aide memoire to assist you in assembling the information we need to prepare your tax return.

We then issue timely reminders of deadlines and tax payments due. When it is possible we issue estimates of future liabilities.

Our firm is proactive with tax recommendations and offers capital gains and inheritance tax planning. Trust tax planning is also provided and we look after the management and taxation needs of trusts throughout their lifetime.

We have close connections with independent financial advisors, stockbrokers and bankers and can make introductions and recommendations.

Financial Lifetime File

Griffin Chapman can set up and maintain a Financial Lifetime File for you, to ensure that the following matters are addressed:

  • In the event of your incapacity or death all relevant financial information is to hand
  • A valid and up to date will is in existence reflecting your wishes
  • Your inheritance tax position is reviewed annually
  • If required, your investments and indebtedness are reviewed
  • A valid enduring power of attorney is in place in case of your incapacity for any reason

This file will be reviewed with you annually. It will contain copies of important documents and details of all assets and liabilities together with details of next of kin and your expressed wishes.

The cost to set up such a file is £250 + VAT and the annual charge thereafter is £150 + VAT. The financial Lifetime File gives financial peace of mind and the assurance that, in the event of your death, your estate can be dealt with quickly and without causing undue worry to your family.

Your Griffin Chapman partner will be happy to discuss this with you and to make all the appropriate set up arrangements.

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