Performance Improvement Review

  • Enables effort to be focused on the right areas of the business
  • Avoids crises and nasty surprises - reduces the stress of running a business by pinpointing problem areas, strengths and weaknesses
  • Used with the Profit Improvement Plan, enables early action to be taken to maximise profits and cash flow
  • Should increase the value of the business
  • Lets you and your clients plan and monitor progress quickly and easily, identifying where improvements can be made
  • Helps keep the business moving forward on the right track
  • Gives an unbiased viewpoint of the real position of the business

Profit Improvement Plan

  • Explores all the possible ways of increasing clients' profits and growing their business
  • Gives a 3 year projection, which can be monitored to make sure clients achieve their goals and that these are realistic
  • Provides fast "What If..." Scenario planning to help ensure clients' businesses proceed on the right track
  • Acts as a road map for clients showing the best route for their business to take, giving more confidence and certainty for the future
  • Shows key figures at a glance - helping you and your clients sort the wood from the trees
  • The plan can easily and quickly be updated
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