We provide a comprehensive service for clients in the Charities sector.

We are members of the Charities and Education Specialists Group of the UK200Group and keep abreast of all new initiatives in the charities world.

Not For Profit Clients

Griffin Chapman has extensive experience of dealing with the accounting, financial and tax aspects of both national and local charities.

The team is led by Dan Aldworth, who has personal experience acting as a charity trustee. We have helped many charities at different stages of development, from inception onward.

Our team continuously keep up to date with developments in the industry so that we can advise our clients accordingly.

Our services include:


We can ensure that accounts are completed accordingly and efficiently.


We undertake charity accounting on a regular basis for various clients. This includes bookkeeping and monthly management reporting. We can provide this either in-house or using our Online 50 service to allow access by both ourselves and the client to the same live records.

Business Advice

We provide advice as required based on our experience of the sector.

Business Recovery

In the current difficult economic conditions we have assisted clients in difficult circumstances to reorganise and turnaround their charity operations.

Governance Reviews

This is an area on which much attention is focused and requires proper attention to ensure the efficient day-to-day operation of the charity.

Independent Examinations

For incorporated charities that are not required to have an audit.

Audit Assurance

Annual audits and assistance with compliance with the Charities Act and accounting standards to allow production of best practice accounts.

Formation and Structures

There are a range of legal entities a charity can choose to adopt, as well as various management structures. We can advise, including regarding the proposed Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO).


Advising on the specific rules for VAT regarding charities. Advising on tax efficient fundraising, gift aid and charitable trading.

Risk Management

Assisting trustees in identifying major risks and appropriate steps to mitigate them to ensure compliance with charity commission requirements.