Acquisitions, Mergers And Disposals

Once a potential deal has been identified, whether a purchase or sale, we can assist with:

  • Negotiations
  • Co-ordinating the process
  • Preliminary and ongoing financial analysis
  • Due diligence and evaluation procedures
  • Calculating share valuations
  • Advising on proposals and warranties
  • Tax planning
  • Fund raising, as necessary

Due Diligence

We strongly recommend that a due diligence investigation is carried out in every acquisition deal - confirming the main financial and commercial facts pertaining to a target company is of paramount importance.


We have established procedures and resources to provide share or business valuations that may be needed for a number of reasons:
  • In contemplation of a purchase or sale
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Planning of corporate or personal taxation affairs
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities
  • Shareholder disputes

Corporate Recovery and Restructuring

Should your business encounter difficulties we can help evaluate your alternatives, protect your business and minimise your personal liabilities.

Any issues or proposals discussed with our staff are always treated with our exceptionally high standards of professional integrity and confidence.

Management Buy Out/Ins

We can assist clients in:
  • Co-ordinating the exercise, dealing with interested parties and advisors
  • Recognising and limiting risks
  • Preparing realistic plans and projections
  • Constructing deals in a tax efficient manner
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