Geosynthetic Technology Ltd

John Alexander, Chairman, Geosynthetic Technology Ltd 

Nags Corner
Wiston Road
Colchester CO6 4LT

A Griffin Chapman Client Case Study

Geosynthetic Technology Ltd

Geosynthetic Technology Limited is a family firm established in 1990 as a limited company and run by John Alexander and his son Duncan the MD. Their current turnover exceeds £2 M. They appointed Griffin Chapman in 2004 following a thorough assessment of their capabilities. Geosynthetic provide and install a wide range of flexible plastic lining membranes.

These geomembranes are widely used for the containment of liquids, solids and gases in a variety of construction applications. Examples include the lining of lagoons, reservoirs, canals, contaminated ground, landfill cappings, reed beds, reservoir roofs, lakes and as gas barrier membranes.

Many of their projects are high profile including:

  • Reservoir lining at Ascot Racecourse refurbishment
  • Lake lining at the Bluewater Retail Park
  • Lake lining at the ecology lake for the Millenium Dome site
  • Olympic Games Athens the opening ceremony lake
  • Tag McLaren Sports Racing Cars large formal lake

How have Griffin Chapman made a difference to your business?

  • We have saved money on our fees and get a better service when compared to our previous larger accountancy firm
  • They discovered errors in previous auditing work carried out by another accountancy firm and we were able to reclaim expenses
  • Their Performance Improvement Review and their audited accounts give very thorough and enlightening data, such as trends etc

What do you see as Griffin Chapmans strengths?

  • They deliver a high quality audit and supporting appraisal
  • You don't get passed around when making contact with them You have a couple of contacts within the firm and it is easy to get through to them.
  • Griffin Chapman is a very responsive practice
  • I find them very approachable
  • They don't make mistakes
  • They are proactive and translate data into useful and meaningful information

Any other comments?

I was previously a management consultant and I therefore have a good knowledge of accounting. I would recommend Griffin Chapman to all businesses and especially those with little knowledge of accounting