Audit services

In recent times many smaller accounting practices have relinquished their registered audit status. 

At Griffin Chapman, we take pride in maintaining and building our audit capability and our widespread knowledge of a extensive range of businesses in Essex and Suffolk gives us an excellent understanding of how a business can make the most of its efficiencies.

We have been registered auditors for many years, and are investing continually in the training of our staff. This, along with the regular external quality reviews we are subjected to, as part of our membership of the UK200 Group, helps work towards consistently high auditing standards.

Audit assurance

The performance of a statutory audit is perceived by many as a necessary cost that provides no real benefit. It is no longer a legal requirement for most companies to have an audit under the Companies Act 2006, but the benefits of a full statutory audit should not be under-estimated.

Griffin Chapman believes that the financial health check an audit presents offers a level of comfort to the directors and shareholders, as well as an opportunity to let a fresh pair of eyes re-evaluate your systems and business. Many of our clients agree with us.

A clean audit report not only provides the business owner with peace of mind, but also offers users of their financial statements, such as banks, customers and suppliers the assurance they require.

By understanding how business works, we aim to carry out an efficient and compliant audit while limiting disruption for the company.

The Griffin Chapman audit service is supported by our comprehensive accountancy and business advisory expertise, so we can turn your audit into a valuable opportunity to help you build for future success.

Report to management

As part of our audit we aim to identify and recommend improvements on systems and internal controls to help businesses manage and reduce risk and operate more efficiently. 

Audit client relationship

We perceive our audit client relationship to be more than a once a year event. We engage with our clients throughout the year whether on technical changes and developments or business issues.

We offer a number of named contacts to ensure assistance is available throughout the working week.

We provide a monthly e-news service, which keeps you up-to-date on the changes in business life and helps identify the areas affecting you that need further investigation

Wide support network

As a UK200Group member, we can tap into the expertise to help broaden our own knowledge and skills, to better meet the needs of clients. UK200Group has international links in nearly 70 countries through International Associates and its membership of IAPA.

This means Griffin Chapman, as a member, can access expertise across the globe to support our clients.